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Dog Friendly

We’re not just dog friendly here at the O-Bar-O … we love dogs. Once you get here you just might start calling us the O-Bark-O!!! Three of our cabins are waiting to welcome your four-legged family members: Bluespruce, Aspen,  and Creekside.

Luxurious dog beds and yummy treats await your canine companions in each cabin. The Creekside cabin has its own fenced-in yard too. And all our dog visitors can enjoy the fully fenced O-Bark-O Corral Dog Park.

O-Bark-O Dog Policies:

  • Advance pet reservations are required. Any dog Guests arriving unannounced will be billed at $100 per night.
  • In order to spoil you, fido and the Guests that come in after you there is a pet fee of $100 for the stay.
  • There is a maximum of two dogs per cabin with a property limit of 5 unless management gives special permission.
  • We require proof of vaccination, upon reservation, for the safety of all our canine guests.  Dog Guests must not be aggressive and socialize well with people and other animals.  They must be friendly, quiet, house trained and at least 12 weeks old. If Rover shows aggression towards our resident animals or other Guests we will ask you to remove the dog. This could result in loss of cabin rental.
  • Your pet is in a strange environment and that can be extremely stressful,  therefore, no pets are allowed unattended in cabins unless crated and never after 9 p.m.  If the pup acts up, such as excessive barking or whining, disturbing other Guests we reserve the right to remove the dog and “dog sit” to prevent further disturbances.  Charges will apply for disturbances.
  • If my pet should become objectionable to any person at the O-Bar-O, and a mutually acceptable resolution cannot be met, I agree to remove my pet from the premises.
  • Of course, if Fido decides to damage anything or leave a big mess you are financially responsible.
  • Guests keeping pets in a cabin without advance reservations will be charged $200 per night.

Note: A written copy of the pet policy must be signed by the guest upon check-in.