We all fly-fished for trout in the beautiful river, watched deer grazing in the field nearby... TripAdvisor Review

The River

Experience life along the Florida River. All the cabins are so close to the river that its sounds will lull you to sleep. The next morning you’re just steps away from great fly fishing*. Catch and release some nice local browns, brook, rainbows or even a tiger trout or cutthroat. Fishing at O-Bar-O is catch and release only with the use of artificial flies and single point barb-less hooks.  

Kids love playing along the river and everyone enjoys watching for wildlife such as deer, elk and eagles.

After a day of hiking and fishing, it’s a pleasure to relax at the riverside hot tub or gather around the campfire during the evening.

“O-Bar-O is a great little place nestled right on the bank of the Florida River in the San Juan mountains. The location is perfect to take advantage of the numerous activities in the area. Our group was there to do some fishing. Besides the Florida River, we fished Vallectio Lake and Lemon Reservoir for some fine trout, bass and pike.” ~ TripAdvisor Review

*Even though the fly fishing here at the O-Bar-O is on private property the State of Colorado requires a fishing license.

Fly Fishing on the Florida