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Leprechauns anticipated to visit the Durango Celtic Festival

February 27, 2014 by susan

Spring time at the O-Bar-O Cabins

Spring time at the O-Bar-O Cabins

Having married into an Irish family, McGinley doesn’t get more Irish than that, St. Patrick’s Day is an observed holiday in our household. Although St. Patrick probably wasn’t a small green fella his cohort, the leprechaun, holds lots of charm, is a bit rambunctious and likes his shenanigans. This is the second year of the Durango Celtic Festival. It is sure to delight both young and old with all the music, dancing and great food. The festivities start on March 6th and got through the 9th. I took a peek at the schedule of events. The Durango Celtic Festival will feature music venues at the Henry Strater Theatre and the Irish Embassy Pub along with a story telling event, as they call it. What kind of stories could they tell? I bet they will be colorful and maybe a nod to a shot or two of Tullamore? While enjoying the festivities don’t forget to admire the history and architecture of both the Henry Strater and the Irish Embassy Pub.

O-Bar-O Cabins is getting into the spirit. The snow is receding and things are turning green as if they are preparing for St. Patrick’s visit. Mike is practicing his Celtic dances, that should be fun to watch, and the birds are singing the forlorn tunes of Celtic past and present. It’s time to tune up those legs and instruments in preparation for the Celtic Festival. If you happen to catch up to one of those leprechauns make sure to let us know at O-Bar-O. You never know, it might just be a long lost relative! Especially if he has a mustache. Now, off to fire up the slow cooker for some corned beef and cabbage. Enjoy the festival.

Durango Mountain Resort, aka Purgatory

February 16, 2014 by susan

For us old timer’s we still think of this great ski mountain as Purgatory. It’s official name is Durango Mountain Resort. In my opinion February and March are the best months to ski DMR. You get these blue bird days, that means sunny with a beautiful blue sky, and temps that are comfortable. Durango Mountain has terrain for all levels of experience. I enjoy skiing the green and blue runs as they are nicely groomed, great for beginners, casual skiers and families. They even have groomed black runs for those a little more daring. The drive from O-Bar-O Cabins isn’t long. As the crow flies you could be there in 15 minutes but that would require going over a ridge! It takes about 40-45 minutes to get there. Well worth the drive to have a warm, cozy cabin to come back to with a fireplace, no less! If you aren’t a skier there are other activities right at the mountain. It’s fun to take the little one sledding. To see the look on their faces when they cruise down the snow is priceless. Regardless of what activity you choose to participate in you will have fun. Just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen! Now hit the slopes and carve some turns.

Enjoying the Durango Silverton Train

February 6, 2014 by susan

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Mike and I had the opportunity to ride the train up to Soaring Tree Top Adventures this last fall. This picture is proof we actually did it and what a blast was had! Our Guests ask us what activities they should plan with their vacation at the O-Bar-O Cabins. Well, there are plenty. Our first pick is one that Durango is well known for. The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge train is a must. The scenery is breathtaking and second to none. Your photo album can’t go without a few pictures from this journey. Our suggestions for a great trip are pretty simple. First, layer your clothing, even in the middle of summer. It is Colorado, after all! Make sure to pack a water bottle or two and for those rambunctious rapscallions, young and old, maybe take the bus back. Oh, and don’t forget your camera.